What are the Best & Cheapest Virtual Office Services in USA?

Nearly all business needs at least one office at a prime location in the United States, especially for IT and Finance industry. With the rising demand for US office address, many companies are now providing virtual office spaces, which has become a common practice among startups and individual businessmen. This is extremely beneficial for businesses owners who want to start up a company with low investment and doesn’t want to spend much on expensive office infrastructure in a prestigious location such as NY and California.

These virtual offices enable the business to simply rent a room for hours, days or months and have other essentials such as receptionist, mailing address, phone answering, meeting rooms etc at a cost-effective price. If you need a meeting room in NY for 3 days for a business deal with a multinational company, you can’t just buy or rent a room and set it up with its amenities so fast that too just for a few days. This is where virtual office services make for an extremely convenient and cost-effective solution.

Best 7 Cheapest Virtual Office

Although figuring out the cheapest virtual office service is a tough job because it would primarily depend on the location you choose and the range of services you would need. Still, after some research, we have listed out the best and the cheapest (basic services) virtual office solution providers.

  1. CloudVo ($40 per month + $149 one time admin fee)
  2. ServCorp ($97 per month)
  3. Opus Virtual Offices ($99 per month + $100 one-time setup fee)
  4. Allied Offices ($119 per month)
  5. eOffice (£99.99 per month)
  6. DaVinci Virtual ($149 per month + $175 one time setup fee)
  7. Regus ($279 per month + $99 one-time setup fee)

01. CloudVO ($40 per month + $149 one time admin fee)

The company started in 2004 and provides what they call a ‘Workplace-as-a-service.’ The company is headquartered in San Francisco and provides non-dedicated office and conference room for mobile workers.

Mail Only ($40 per month)

  • Business address
  • Mail and package service

Business Identity ($85 per month)

  • Local Phone Number, Voicemail, & Auto-Attendant
  • Unified Messaging, with Voicemail-To-Email & eFax
  • Unlimited calls per month
  • Unlimited long distance minutes

Corporate Identity ($139 per month)

  • Live Receptionist & Personalized Phone Answering
  • Call patching & Redirecting
  • Unlimited Live Answering Minutes

Cloud Office ($219 per month)

  • Call Screening & Announcing
  • 16 hours Conference Room & Part Time Office Each Month

02. ServCorp ($97 per month)

ServCorp is an Australian company offering virtual office services in over 170 countries worldwide. The company offers virtual offices and technology to help businesses of all sizes. Businesses can get a professional address or just a meeting room, and other communication solutions.

ServCorp provides numerous solutions to meet multiple communication requirements. The best of its portfolio is their Virtual Office Package which includes an official mailing address as well as a multilingual receptionist who will take a business call from your customers.

ServCorp have multiple offerings across the world in multiple locations; even in the USA, it has virtual offices at multiple locations with multiple pricing options. The basic service starts at $50 per month which includes meeting rooms, boardrooms, day office access for members and a multilingual secretary. For a virtual office, the pricing starts at $97 per month with which you get a prime business address.

ServCorp is ideal for startups and small businesses who need immediate virtual office solutions. The company offers affordable virtual office services; moreover, there’s no long-term contract. This also makes ServCorp best for companies looking for a temporary virtual office solution.

ServCorp is best for small businesses as they don’t need long contract commitment to getting the best price. The pricing is also one of the best in the industry and comparatively cheaper than its competitors.

  • Mailing service – $112 per month
  • Mailing and Phone answering service – $224 per month
  • Setup fee – None
  • Contract – 1 month
  • 16 hours/month of private office or conference room at home location
  • 3 hours/day of coworking space at any location
  • 3 days/month of private office outside of home city

The downside of ServCorp is their few location options compared to other services. However, if you are looking for virtual office space in the USA, it should be easier to access. Moreover, their office address may not be in an as prestigious location as you would like to have.

03. Opus Virtual Offices ($99 per month + $100 one-time setup fee)

If you are looking for comprehensive virtual office services, Opus Virtual Offices can provide you with a more flexible solution. The company has over 500 locations in the USA and provides comparatively similar services at a lower cost.

  • Live receptionist (8.30-5.30 from Monday to Friday – PST) – Included in the $99 package
  • Corporate Mailing Address, Company Phone Number, Company Fax Number, VoiceMail Converted to Email, 2 Voicemail Boxes, Faxes Converted to Email, Premium Call Transferring – Included in the $99 package
  • Additional Voicemail Box/Extension – $25 per month per extension
  • Callout Feature – $10 per month
  • Contract Period – 3 months and then month-on-month

Opus Virtual Office provides the same services as Regus but at a much cheaper rate, except for the location options of Regus.

Moreover, Opus is much suited for home offices, small business, and corporates looking to establish satellite branches. Opus has been recognized as the best executive office centers and has also been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. The best part is its comprehensive services, which entrepreneurs can get at just $99 per month.

04. Allied Offices ($119 per month)

The company starts in 2006 with the aim to provide virtual office solutions to small and medium-size businesses in LV. However, being a family-owned business, today it encompasses a network of over 350 locations in the USA and Canada. It provides services such as business addresses, phone number, office space, meeting rooms, mail forwarding, receptionist and much more in 3 packages.

Business Identity Starter ($119 per month)

  • Prime Business Address
  • Onsite Receptionist
  • Meeting Space
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Toll-Free Phone Number
  • Custom Voicemail System

Business Identity ($169 per month)

  • Auto-Receptionist
  • Virtual PBX
  • Phone App
  • Efax
  • Voicemail To Email (Audible File)

Business Identity Live ($259 per month)

  • Live Phone Answering
  • 50 Live Receptionist Minutes
  • A team of 5 Receptionists Answering Your Business Line
  • Connect Calls To You

The company provides comprehensive solutions at a competitive price with its main objective to provide better customer service and customer satisfaction. Their services are suitable for businesses of all sizes, including startups, entrepreneurs and individual professionals. They also provide a comprehensive solution for business individuals who travel a lot to make business deals. The only downside is its fewer option of virtual business locations.

05. eOffice (£99.99 per month)

Based in London, eOffice provides a range of virtual office solutions with multiple features at a competitive price. The company provides workspaces, virtual phone services, mail forwarding, conference rooms, etc in multiple packages.

Consumers can choose from a host of services, be it just a business address or want professional mail services. Their services also include virtual or live receptionist, meeting rooms, in separate packages and as a whole in multiple pricing models.

The company offers services on a pay-as-you-go basis, with access to 200 office spaces available in 60 cities across 40 countries. They provide meeting rooms equipped with LCD TVs, Wi-Fi, video conferencing with catering available upon request.

The company has partnered with Monkfeet to offer various online classes on business, marketing, funding, management etc.

Its unique feature is the eCard membership which offers passes for workspace, networking events, workshops etc. The pricing starts at £29.99 per month to £199.99 per month.

  • Business address (£99.99 per month)
  • Telephone answering (£49 per month)
  • Virtual office + Telephone answering (£129 per month)

06. DaVinci Virtual ($149 per month + $175 one time setup fee)

Startups, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who are looking for a virtual office address and a receptionist can find better service with DaVinci Virtual. Since its inception in 2006, it has become the most popular and reliable virtual business solution provider. The company has over 1500 office locations worldwide.

You will get a virtual office address, mail forwarding services, answering services, long distance calling, meeting spaces, lobby directory listing and number of other services.

  • One-Time Set up Fees – $150
  • Mailing Service – $50 per month
  • Mailing and Answering service – $149 per month
  • Additional Services (flight scheduling, data entry, etc.) – $50 per hour
  • Private Office – $10 to $35 per hour
  • Conference Room – $25 to $45 per hour
  • Contract Period – 6 months and then month-on-month
  • Other Services – Receptionist, voicemail, taking orders, booking orders, and transferring calls

Davinci can provide an extensive range of professional communication services, more than ServCorp and is a cheaper option. Its mailing services and phone answering services are the cheapest and the best in the industry. Moreover, business gets the option to choose from over 1500 offices in over 40 different countries, which is significantly higher than ServCorp.

However, its downsides are that they need a 6-month contract which doesn’t give the flexibility of month-on-month service which is much needed by startups as a temporary solution. Plus, it doesn’t include access to private office spaces or conference rooms. These services cost extra with over $25 per hour.

On the other hand, business has the option to avail virtual address in 47 states in the USA and Washington DC. The answering service includes flight and appointment scheduling which eliminates the need of an assistant for your business.

07. Regus ($279 per month + $99 one-time setup fee)

Regus started in 1989 and has become the largest provider of flexible and virtual office solution in the world. The company has a network of over 3000 business address across 120 countries and 900 cities.

Regus is also one of the most expensive services for virtual offices, working space and meeting rooms; however, it does provide an extensive range of additional services, which will be much needed by established companies. Regus gives its clients the option to choose a virtual address at a prime and prestigious location with additional features such as a local telephone number, receptionist to take your calls, track voicemails, private office or lounge, and mail forwarding.

  • One-Time Set up Fees – $99
  • Mailing Service – $99 per month
  • Mailing and Answering service – $249 per month
  • 2 days per month of private office or conference room at home location
  • Faxes to Email – $30 per month
  • Contract Period – 3 months and then month-on-month
  • Other Services – Receptionist, voicemail, mail forwarding, and transferring calls

One of the biggest advantages of Regus is its widespread presence. The company also allows access to business lounges on business hours for 2 days per month at no additional cost. Regus gives a much-extended range of accessibility and convenience, which makes it a popular choice among medium to large size businesses.

The downside of the service is its high cost; moreover, the internet reviews give mixed feedback about the company’s services.


The most popular and reliable virtual office service providers are Regus, Davinci Virtual, Opus, and Servcorp. These companies provide a host of services at a flexible price. These virtual office spaces are essential for businesses to appear larger and prestigious.

Companies like Regus provides the most flexibility in choosing your location and also provides mail forwarding services, receptionists etc at a comprehensive package. After reviewing all services, we would recommend Servcorp if you need a temporary solution and are not concerned about having space at a prime location. It is suitable for startups, and entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, if you already have an established business and need to maintain your brand value, Regus would be able to provide much better options. That said, either of them may not appeal to you, depending on your business needs. You should also check out other services to find the one that best meets your requirements.

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