Cheapest VoIP Service

VoIP system enables businesses to make and receive calls over the internet at a much cheaper price. Most business who deal will sales typically employ VoIP system to reduce cost. The system replaces traditional landline phones. There are many VoIP service providers with low prices without setup fees. In this article, we have listed the top cheapest and the best VoIP service providers.

Top Cheapest VoIP Services

  1. OnSIP (Free) – Ideal for business owners who want a cheap feature-rich VoIP phone service
  2. Google Voice ($0.01 per minute) – Business that need a free virtual phone number with basic forwarding features
  3. ($12.99 per month per user) – For businesses who need flexible and cheaper VoIP services
  4. Vonage ($19.99 per month per user) – Ideal for startups who need cheap VoIP system with discount services.
  5. 8×8 Virtual Office ($25 per month per user) – Cheaper VoIP service with better international calling services.
  6. Grasshopper ($29 per month + $25 setup fee) – It is ideal for entrepreneurs who want just one phone which switches between business and personal number

01. OnSIP (Free)

This cloud-hosted VoIP solution offers a relatively comprehensive service at a cheaper cost, thereby enabling small businesses to make and receive calls at a cheaper price. It doesn’t need any equipment to configure and allows businesses to customize their services.


  • Internet calls only
  • 100 lines
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Voicemail to email
  • CRM integration


  • $0.29 per minute call rate
  • Unlimited lines
  • 3 auto attendant
  • Call recording for 1 user
  • Dial by name directory for 1 user


  • $8.95 per user per month
  • $0.029 per minute call rate
  • Unlimited auto attendant


  • $24.95 per user per month
  • All Unlimited service

Moreover, you can add extra features when you need it.


OnSIP is the only VoIP service provider who provides a free option. However, the plan is limited only internet calls and doesn’t provide a phone number. But, then the package comes with basic features such as unlimited calling for 100 users, integration with Zendesk, video conferencing etc. which is enough for most startups.

Small businesses who can run their business with a call on the internet would find the best plan for their business. The service features are enough for business with remote teams who want to communicate with others for free. The company also provides web call app which can be integrated to the website, enabling the customer to call business with the click of a button.


This package also has no monthly fee but provides external calling options with a phone number. The features support unlimited users, 5 voicemail boxes, one auto-attendant, one dial-by-name directory as well as recording. Business has to pay just $0.29 per minute for calls. The plan is ideal for business who have low call volumes.


With this package, the user has to pay $8.95 per month per user with $0.29 per minute for inbound and outbound calls. Businesses will have access to all the above features along with auto-attendant, on-hold music channel, and call parking. This package is best for businesses who have more than 5 users needed access to voicemail and other services. For low volume calls, it is one of the cheapest packages for businesses.


For just $24.95 per user per month, businesses get unlimited standard calling with a virtual phone number. However 5 user minimum is required to avail the package; moreover, call recording is available for all users. Businesses can avail conference calling for an additional fee.

02. Google Voice ($0.01 per minute)

The service from Google features virtual phone number system which enables the business to avail free number which can be used on all phones. The service offers simple controls for forwarding calls with features of message transcription, and unlimited calls. For entrepreneurs and individual professionals who need a free business phone number, Google Voice is the best solution.

The service provides a free second number for making and receiving calls. Individuals can make unlimited calls and texts to anyone in the USA on a computer. Its international calls start at $0.01 per minute. Its features include standard call routing and call forwarding options, where you can send and receive SMS messages. You can also get your voice messages transcribed into readable texts. Its other feature matches your incoming calls and texts with a contact list. The screening feature enables you to hear caller’s name where you can choose to call or send it to voicemail.

It also provides call recording without any extra cost. However, it is only limited to incoming calls and you can save the recording to your account. With no extra cost, you also avail voicemail transcription. All the received voice messages are auto transcribed into text and are sent to your on email and text message.

Moreover, it offers easy setup for any phone system. Simply link your phone and choose a number in the area code and link your contacts and send direct or group messages. That said, the service does lack many features such as user extension, faxes, and customer support.

03. ($12.99 per month per user)

The company is known for its extensive feature list and customizable pricing. Starting at $12.99 per month per user, business has the option to choose either pay-per-minute or unlimited call basis. The package enables businesses to avail only features they need and can significantly lower prices. They are also the best vanity phone number provided and provides cost-effective services with its customization plan.

  • Base – $12.99 per month, 300 calling minutes/ $22.99 for unlimited
  • Plus – $19.99 per month, 500 calling minutes/ $24.99 for unlimited
  • Pro – $39.99 per month, 1000 calling minutes/ $27.99 for unlimited offer features that you get from larger providers at a lower cost such as conference calling, on-hold music, dial-by-name directory, faxing, and softphone app. Other features include an automated attendant that provides basic FAQs to callers. It can be customized with your own greetings and on-hold music.

‘Communicator’ mobile app from is desktop software that enables the business to manage account without the web interface. You can even make and receive calls from the app both on the desktop and mobile devices. The voicemail you receive is auto saved and sent an email message along with an audio attachment. A unique feature includes human transcription instead of an automated system; however, costs extra for the service.

Its downside is its custom plan which can either increase or decrease the cost based on your needs.

04. Vonage ($19.99 per month per user)

Vonage is probably the most popular VoIP services, that provides flexible packages at a low price. You can customize the price by adding or removing features per user, which is unlike any other service providers. It’s flexible pricing plans makes it suitable for growing and established business. Even for startups and individual, the price is much lower.

Mobile ($19.99 per month per user)

  • Auto Attendant
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Mobile Apps

Premium ($29.99 per month per user)

  • Multi-level auto attendant
  • Video Conferencing
  • CRM Integration

Advanced ($39.99 per month per user)

  • On-Demand Call Recording
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call Groups

For a start, the company offers a 14-day free trial and volume discounts as you keep adding more user.


The starter package at $19.99 per month per use offers standard services such as auto-attendant, softphone mobile app, conference calls, call logs along with volume discounts. For 99 users the price of the starter pack will come down to $14.99 per month per user for its volume discounts. For startups with remote teams, this package provides most of the much-needed services at a low cost. However, it lacks video conferencing and file sharing.


Although the plan starts at $29.99 per month per user, you can bring it down to $24.99 per user if you have between 20 to 99 users. Will all features of the Mobile package, it adds CRM integration, multi-level auto-attendant, video conferencing, chat and file sharing. The package is suitable for small to medium-size business who work with remote teams. For a larger remote team, the services enable smooth internal communication because of Vonage’s partnership with Amazon Chime.


This is Vonage’s most expensive service at $39.99 per month per user, however, you can bring it down to $34.99 per user if you have between 20 to 99 users. For the additional cost, it offers 15 hours of call recording per month, visual voicemail, and Orange-Glove setup. This is the perfect package for businesses with larger teams.

On the other hand, the downsides of Vonage is that its flexible pricing rules could also increase the prices of the standard package. Most importantly, the lack round the clock customer support.

05. 8×8 Virtual Office ($25 per month per user)

The VoIP phone system often opted and popular for their unlimited international calling. In addition to features such as auto-attendant and call recording, businesses can make unlimited calls from 42 countries, depending on the plan. The basic package price starts at $25 per user per month. The service is ideal for businesses who make a high volume of international calls.

X2 ($25 per month per user)

  • 14 unlimited calling countries
  • 5 participants in audio and video conferencing
  • Unlimited fax
  • Phone number as well as virtual extension
  • Auto attendant
  • Mobile apps
  • SMS
  • CRM integration
  • Call queuing

X5 ($35 per month per user)

  • 32 unlimited calling countries
  • 25 participants in audio and video conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Operator switchboard

X8 ($55 per month per user)

  • 46 unlimited calling countries
  • 50 participants in audio and video conferencing


At $25 per month per user, the package offers all standing VoIP services including voicemail, call queuing, 1GB media storage, audio, and video conferencing. The package is ideal for a business owner who needs standard services and reaches international customers at a low cost.


For $35 per month per user, it includes all features of X2 with additional features such as 4GB media storage, conferencing for 25 participants, operator switchboard. The package also includes call recording with an additional fee of $10 per month per user. The operator switchboard will enable growing business to have a more professional appearance.


With $55 per user per month, the feature adds 46 countries for unlimited call, 50 participants in the conference and a virtual contact center with virtual office supervisor. This package also provides analytics and reporting of calling data. Its features enable established businesses to get a comprehensive solution at a cost-effective price. However, its downside is the customer support and volume discounts.

06. Grasshopper ($29 per month + $25 setup fee)

Grasshopper is an easy-to-use VoIP phone service with the extensive feature at low cost. The system demands no hardware to set up and provides 24/7 customer support. The basic package starts at just $29 per month without per-user pricing. The service provides high customizability, making it ideal for entrepreneurs who need affordable solutions with an extensive range of features.

It provides multiple packages with the basic feature-rich package starting at $29 per month. There are however no fees for additional users. The Partner plan starts $49 per month and Small Business plan starts at $89 per month. However, there is a $25 setup fee.

  • Solo – $29 per month, 1 number, 3 call forwarding extensions
  • Partner – $49 per month, 3 numbers, 6 call forwarding extensions
  • Small Business – $89 per month, 5 numbers, unlimited call forwarding extensions

Its extensive range of services includes auto attendant that answers calls and forward to your extension. Business can set up either department or individual employee extension. With your employee’s name set up in the dial-by-name directory, callers can reach your employees by name.

The voice message is left on the Grasshopper system, where the message is sent in an email message. With a mobile app installed, you can also get the transcribed copy of the message. The mobile app gives you full control of your account, enabling you to make and receive calls as well as send SMS messages.

Additional features include control over call routing, define timing for call forwarding, caller ID customization, inbounding fax etc.

However, the platform has a confusing setup and doesn’t support desk phones, and call recording.


VoIP systems have become a standard practice among business for their phone system. Although pretty much all the listed services provide services at cheaper cost, for a basic necessity most startup should be able to run their business with OnSIP’s cheap services.

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