Cheapest Way To Ship Boxes

Shipping can be costly, and sometimes, it’s difficult to know the ideal way to ship the boxes. Notwithstanding the shipping services such as the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS,  — there are many non-traditional approaches to ship that numerous individuals don’t think about. Knowing about it can enable you to set aside extra cash when transporting pretty much anything.

What is the cheapest way to ship boxes? Some of the feature-packed and cost-effective options to ship boxes are US Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx. From shipping textbooks, posters, magazines to books, optical media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, etc.), documents, or other educational media, these shipping companies can do it quickly for you.

Before you do anything, check out what you need to transport. If you can, try to measure the item, and the box you intend to ship. If you don’t have packing materials, realize you’ll get charged for them when you take it to be transported. Do what you can before you even move the thing so you don’t end up paying a large part of the transportation cost yourself.

Choose The Most Budget-friendly Shipping Options

The speediest and feature packed shipping options are never the least expensive. If you require receipt confirmation, tracking numbers, insurance, and other services, the cost you’ll pay to transport anything will normally rise. Generally speaking, your best option is to pick the slowest shipping options and remember that additional services and features will increase the cost very quickly.

In any case, if it’s absolute low shipping costs you require, here are your best alternatives:

01. The US Postal Service

For transporting anything inside the United States, it’s hard to beat the US Postal Service on cost and convenience. Notwithstanding your opinions, the USPS has a bigger number of locations in a larger number of places than most private transportation organizations, and more financially savvy choices for individuals who don’t have records or normal shipping needs.

If you do not like to remain in line at the Post Office, find an area with a self-serve booth close to you. You’ll be done in a few minutes. It’s simple- walk up, measure your thing (if it’s essential), print a label, stick it to your thing, place it in the slot, and walk out.

01. USPS Standard Post:

USPS Standard Post was previously known as Parcel Post. It is the US Postal Service’s most cost-effective shipping level. In case you’re shipping one or two things, or a couple of things inconsistently, this is presumably your most cost-effective transportation strategy. Domestically shipped packages two to eight days to reach to their destination.

  1. USPS First Class:

    USPS First Class is the USPS standard shipping technique for envelopes and letters. Yet, you can dispatch packages, first class, as well. If your thing meets all requirements for it, it’s most likely the quickest (between one to three days) and cheapest shipping method available.

  2. USPS Media Mail:

    USPS Media Mail is an extraordinary choice in case you’re shipping course materials, books, optical media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-beam, and so on), magazines, reports, posters, or other educational media and you have to ship it rapidly. Media Mail is planned for educational materials, and just for papers and other discs. Things take two to eight days, and costs are strikingly low.

  3. Priority Mail:

    Priority Mail is an attractive alternative if you have to dispatch rapidly and for barely anything, or if you deliver consistently. This mail carrier takes few days to reach to their destination (there’s even a guide to enable you to discover when your thing will arrive), and Priority Flat Rate is one cost, regardless of what you stuff into the box (despite the fact that, if your item is light, it may not be worth the cost of the flat rate box, so don’t accept flat rate is constantly less expensive).

02. FedEx

If you have regular shipping needs, or you maintain a small venture, need to ship internationally, ship every now and again to DPO/FPO/APO areas or US Territories, or simply need to deliver beyond what the USPS can stay aware of, you might need to consider UPS or FedEx. They both have low-cost shipping alternatives, and both let you make an account, order supplies, print your very own labels and plan a pickup. Here are few low-cost choices for shipping your items:

  1. FedEx SmartPost:

    FedEx SmartPost is a two to multi-day shipping method for packages up to 70 pounds and guarantees delivery six days seven days. SmartPost is a partnership between FedEx and the USPS, so while FedEx gets the package and transports it to its destination city or area, it’s given off to the Postal Service to be hand-delivered.

  2. FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground:

    FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground are both moderate alternatives in case you’re shipping things to a home or business. The two techniques take around one to seven business days, relying upon the fact that how near you are to where the package needs to go and can be joined with optional services like proof of delivery, evening and weekend delivery, insurance and much more.

03. UPS Ground

UPS Ground is your most cost-effective UPS solution if UPS is your favored shipper. It’s generally keeping pace with FedEx Home Delivery/Ground cost-wise, and comes with comparative advantages. You’ll be informed when your thing is delivered, and other optional services like hold-for-pickup, will-call delivery, delivery affirmation, evidence of delivery, COD, and unique dealing are all available.

In case you’re shipping internationally, UPS has a selection of one to four-day shipping choices, and FedEx has choices from five days to overnight. They’re expensive, however, they’re all very quick, and depending upon where your thing is going, they’re likely to be more reliable.

Determining The Shipping Cost Of A Package

Finding the cheapest service to send a package to a residential location isn’t in every case simple. Private companies, for example, FedEx and UPS incorporate a wide range of extra costs, for example, fuel extra charges and rural zone delivery expenses in addition to the core delivery cost. The USPS gives a ton of incredible alternatives for residential delivery.

When hoping to decide how shipping carriers create a shipping rate, you will see there are four factors utilized in deciding the expense to ship a package:

  • Size: What is the dimension of your package?

    The size of your package is a major marker of your expense. Shipping carriers have limited space in their delivery trucks. Therefore, if you take up more space in the truck, you have to pay more accordingly.

    The initial phase in deciding the cost of your package is to know the real estimations of the box you’re utilizing, (for example, 12″ length × 10″ width × 8″ height). When you have this data, input the measurements into your shipping software or the delivery bearer’s site. The measurements will help to decide the cost.

  • Weight: What is the weight of the bundle?

    The second factor that decides the delivery rate is the heaviness of the package. The load usually includes the item you are shipping, the packing material (tape and bubble wrap) and the box utilized for delivery.

    Every national transporter rounds up to the following entire pound for the delivery cost. So, if your package weighs 2 pounds, 4 ounces, you will be charged at the 3-pound rate. The one special case to this standard is First Class Package Service from the USPS. This service decides cost dependent on ounces instead of pounds. But, the greatest weight is 15.99 ounces (just shy of 1 lb.).

    After your package is set up for shipment, including all filler/tape, put your package on a scale to decide the load and information that weight into your shipping software or transporter’s site.

  • Distance: Where is your bundle going out to?
    Another variable that impacts shipping rates is the measurement of distance a package is traveling. Delivery bearers have divided the U.S. into 8 shipping zones depending on the distances from the sent from the postal district. The more remote the transportation zone your package is going from its destination, the higher the expenses.
  • Speed: How rapidly does your package need to achieve its goal?
    The last factor that decides shipping rates is the speed of delivery. A few people want to receive their package as early as possible, of course in the midnight. Others require their packages delivered in 3 days and still others can hold up to 7 days. The speed of package delivery plays a major role in the expense of transportation with overnight delivery costing up to multiple times the amount of ground delivery.

Pick the carrier that works best for your needs (and your wallet)

It doesn’t make a difference whether you ship using FedEx, USPS, UPS, or some other bearer—your package will be one of the thousands traveling through their systems. It’s vital to pack cautiously and utilize the correct materials. That way, regardless of whether someone mishandles the package, the payload inside is still fit as a fiddle.

Related Questions:

What is the charge for packaging supplies and services?

As the locations of the delivery vary and various shipping firms privately operate it, the prices may vary from company to company. It is, thus, advisable to contact the nearest shipping company for a pricing breakdown.

Can you ship large or odd-shaped items in a box?

Yes, you can ship items of all sizes and shapes to any location. You just need to pack it properly to avoid damaging the item.

Will, the shipping company pick up my items at my location and pack and ship them?

Picking up items from the client base totally depends on the shipping company. Some companies offer additional services like picking up stuff from their customer base, while another charge few amounts for that.


The shipping companies help you in much more way than just shipping your packages to their destination. They’re the most reliably accessible and affordable for the average individual, particularly in case you’re dispatching things regularly. Above mentioned methods are the best choice to get packages out of your home and sending to their destination without spending a huge amount of cash.

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