Cheapest Way To Ship To China

China is one of the largest eCommerce markets in the market with valued at $1.6 trillion. It is predicted to be larger than the combined forces of France, US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Shipping to China opens a plethora of opportunities for business ventures. China is filled with millions of potential business clients awaiting lucrative products and services deals. If you are in business and have a requirement to send a huge amount of items to China regularly, then, it is advisable to choose a cheaper method to ship China. The continuous cargo and freight shipping in and out of China can make it seem daunting to find the easiest method to ship to China.

What is the cheapest way to ship to China? Shipping to China has become relatively easier thanks to numerous international and Chinese shipping companies. Using various logistics methods such as air, freight, regular post, express courier and much more can bring a huge difference to freight charges and transit time.

Selecting the best shipping method truly depends on the user. This blog puts light on what are the best possible cost-effective methods of shipping items to China.

Cheapest Method To Ship

Likewise, with most organizations, the cost can’t be the only consideration. However, it is normally an essential and determining component. After all, we are all in this and settling on every choice to encourage our clients to save some money. Different logistics techniques can have a huge effect both in travel time and cargo charges. Along these lines, one generally needs to figure out which strategy will be the most financially savvy one.

01. Regular Post

This implies ordinary, normal China Post (or Hong Kong Post) which can take up to 2~5 weeks to arrive. If you can wait for some time, this is the least expensive choice for little shipments, similar to parcels and samples. You may track and follow on the web, yet the data cannot be updated in time. One of the advantages of using regular post is it is economic in nature and easy to use. It is unsafe owing to the fact that once packages are lost, it’s hard to find it.

02. Express Courier

Transportation with a courier organization will be the most appropriate technique for many reasons. Courier organizations, operational in China are UPS, DHL, and FedEx. TNT is well known in Europe, yet it’s not all that prominent like the others in China. With courier service, you get quick delivery times and online tracking service. Most courier shipments take just 2~5 business days to touch base in any place around the world.

Advantages of using express courier are it is quick and reliable. If any issues arise related to the package tracking, one can resolve the matter using the issued tracking number. But the price is a bit higher than the postal service.

03. Air Freight

Air freight is another option to send your shipments to China. If you are planning to ship heavy items, air freight is for you! If the weight of sourced items is unreasonably large for dispatches, for example, 500kg, air freight may be the best bet. With air freight, costs will be essentially lower than the courier organizations. Travel time varies depending on the schedule of aircraft, however, the shipment usually arrives in between 2~10 days which isn’t that bad.

Additional work is included when the products land at the destination airport. You need to deal with documentation and customs clearance all alone (Unlike with dispatch companies), which for some, beginners may appear to be unrealistic. Obviously, you can generally outsource these activities to a customs broker or a trucking organization at an extra expense.

04. Sea Freight

Transport by sea can take quite a while, however, can carry an enormous amount of products, which drives down the expenses. The decent variety of loads that can be transported is additionally a noteworthy advantage to this mode. That is the reason it’s mainstream and generally the utilized mode in logistics.

Regardless of the lengthy delivery time, if you prepare, and have enough time to wait, sea freight will be your best decision. Depending upon where you’re situated, it will be in the vicinity of about 3-60 days. Much the same as with airship cargo, you’ll need to deal with the documentation, customs clearance and delivery of products from the port to your home or office. However, if you decide to-Door services, which is mainstream in Canada/Europe/USA/Australia, you should simply pay the cargo charges and sit tight for your freight sent to your predefined address.

Delivering via ocean can be cost-effective, especially, in case you’re set up to deal with the logistics of clearing the products through customs yourself. Additionally, the most ideal approach to deal with large bulk purchases.

Challenges Of Shipping To China

Shipping to China has turned into a little less demanding on account of numerous Chinese and international shipping organizations. However, there are as yet numerous challenges. Door-to-door delivery to China remains a difficult and moderate process. For quick service, you can pay a premium to couriers. As China is a huge nation, getting your package to remote zones or residential communities can be a tedious task and following them will be a challenge too.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Chinese Shipping Company

You need to take care of the following things if you decide on hiring a Chinese shipping company for delivering your item door-to-door:

  • Guarantee you have precise and complete paperwork:

    All goods that experience customs are liable to duty and taxes, besides documentation or paperwork. Traditions charges are generally the duty of the recipient to pay upon entry and are ordinarily contacted by the local customs authorities to agree on payment. To clear your package through customs, you will require a custom invoice that details content description, the nation of production, the individual estimation of each thing and the reason behind export.

    Charges can extend from 20-30% of the estimation of the merchandise being shipped. However, your package will be exempt from tax and duties if the products are worth under 500 Yuan. Shipments worth in excess of 1,000 Yuan will have to go through formal customs clearance. This implies your shipment could be delayed while this procedure is carried out.

  • Total shipping cost to China:

    Have a rough approximation of the amount you’re willing to pay. Ideally, you shouldn’t pay more than the estimation of the package itself.

  • Tracking:

    Ensure that the organization offers a decent tracking system. Since getting your package to China requires lead time and numerous hangovers, regular updates on the status of your shipment is essential to reduce the possibility of loss.

  • Sending a Gift:

    Gifts under 1000 Yuan (approx. 103 GBP) refrain from obligations provided they are sent from individual to another with the description of “gift shipment”. You are required to give a duplicate of the collector’s passport for Customs in China.

  • Electronics:

    Any electronic things like PCs, cell phones, handheld GPS gadgets, and others must be accompanied by a China Compulsory Certification (CCC) from the China Inspection and Quarantine Services to go through customs. The collector must give this to customs.

  • Personal Effects, and Luggage:

    Belongings and luggage shipments are limited for import to China. That implies that you can send belongings and baggage to China yet you will be required to present extra data and documentation to Chinese customs. If you are reserving one of the luggage courier services to China, you should guarantee that all the necessary paperwork has been rounded out for personal effects. Belongings include things for individual use.

Related Questions

How long does it take to deliver a shipment to a country after it has been collected?

The time duration depends on the service requested by the user and the pick-up and delivery locations.

What are the maximum size and weight of a parcel?

The size and weight restrictions of the parcel vary from one shipping company to another. It also depends on the service requested by the consumer and the destination of the shipment.

Do I need to make an account for sending shipping?

No, you don’t have to create an account for sending shipments from one place to another place domestically and internationally. But, if you send parcels regularly internationally, it is advisable to have one for better monitoring of product shipment.


Each of the above-mentioned shipping methods comes up with unique benefits. A good combo of these shipping methods can help you to ship your goods securely to China. Shipping rates make up the greater percentage of the total product landing cost. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the cost as low as possible.

It’s all about creating a balance between cost and the time duration of delivery of the product. Choosing the right way after considering all the actual situations can help you take important decisions for your business.

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