Top 20 Cheapest 10 Second Car with Price

The world of supercars may appear past the reach of the normal individual in terms of financial limitations. You don’t just need to consider the initial cost of procurement, but also the maintenance costs, particularly for cars that require replacement parts in every 5,000 miles or so.

There is likewise the thought of fuel utilization. Most of the supercars are intended for extreme performance at the highest levels. Therefore, fuel consumption is truly not a need for car manufacturers. With most supercars having their base models estimated from $70,000 upwards, if you truly need to enjoy the excitement of raging engines, speed, and the delightful designs that accompany such vehicles, the utilized vehicle market is your last wilderness.

In any case, even in the used market, you are not ensured to discover deals, either on account of the initial high cost of the cars or because few models, particularly the classic ones – have thrived in value throughout the years.

There are various high performing and famous brands that figure out how to plunge below the $50,000 mark. What more, some can even be as low as $10,000. Indeed, even with such deals, you ought to continue with alert and exercise due diligence while reviewing the car to guarantee it coordinates your motive, regardless of whether it is regular use or for racing on a track.

Top 20 Cheapest 10 Second Car

Here are the top 20 cheapest 10-second cars to set off your hunt for a great deal with the dealer:

01. LOTUS ELISE ($10,000)

The Lotus Elise is famously known for being a perfectionists’ advanced vehicle with strong bends and deceptively fast speeds. While there are a couple of models from the 2010s below $50,000 mark, you can get better offers for the 80s, 90s and mid-2000s models with some going for as low as $13,000.

There is a dread of high support costs. Yet, these are to a great extent unwarranted given the Toyota motor that takes into consideration easy maintenance and servicing. Its pacing and handling mean you have a vehicle that performs both around the city and on a circuit. Pay special attention to the specific models because while every come in curves, the power underneath and handling can be altogether unique. The first version of Lotus Elise, for instance, has 118 bhp while the 111 S comes up with 143 bhp. There is additionally the matter of fuel consumption, with a few models having 1.6 L and 1.8 L.

02. FERRARI 308 ($23,000)

The Ferrari 308 is a vehicle whose cost has fortunately stayed down because of the low costs of its predecessors. This makes them all the more alluring to those looking for first time Ferrari proprietorship. It still anyway remains very costly, with completely re-established models having under 40,000 miles going for more than $55,000.

There are still deals in the market going for under $30,000. Most of the suggested models are from the 70s, with their striking angular shapes and lengthened bumpers. Other than its solid character, it turns out to be a maintenance-friendly Ferrari. Plus, you even don’t need to remove the motor when supplanting the timing belt. Watch out for rust and erosion and the general expense of fitting you should change once you settle on the 308 to purchase.

03. FORD SHELBY GT350 ($20,000)

With 662 hp spouting from its powerful 5.8 L V-8 motor, a huge 631 lb-ft of torque, 202 miles for each hour as the best speed and 0-60 in simply 3.5 seconds, the Ford Shelby GT350 is a muscle sports car that turned into a supercar. It is a mindblowing masterpiece. It was likewise the last the vehicle to benefit from the valuable inputs of the legendary Carroll Shelby. Ford rectified the flaws of its antecedents and came up with numerous trappings of present-day technology.

Most importantly, it is track-friendly while being the most stunning Ford Mustang of all. Any of these reasons are sufficient to get one of these vehicles and for just $20,000 you can discover one with just 50,000 miles on the odometer. If you need a vehicle with less mileage on it, $35,000 or more will give you a few alternatives below 10,000 miles.

04. ACURA NSX ($25,000)

Acura NSX is Japan’s answer to Ferrari. The vehicle stands its ground in a great number of regions and at the time of its launch in 1990, it had various firsts. Viewed by numerous individuals as extraordinary compared to best-performing cars ever made, it coordinates its beautiful looks with a jet-like performance, particularly in handling. There is a plus point in opting for Japanese manufacturers. You don’t have to stress over parts failing after a thousand miles or regular use. The eco-friendliness encourages regular use of Acura on city roads.

It matched Ferrari even in titles. Plus, there are even stories of association from the likes of Ayrton Senna in its improvement. The models from 1991 to 1999 can be had at moderate costs with a few them going for as low as $25,000.

05. FERRARI 360 ($26,000)

To the extent an extraordinary looking Ferraris go, few can beat the looks of a Ferrari 360, even the Modena or the Spider. Its aluminum body, suspension, and chassis guarantee a low total weight which, when adjusted against the 400 hp from the 3.6 L motor, takes into account incredible performance and great handling.

The conventional battle you get while controlling a fierce motor in a Ferrari isn’t there. What you encounter is smooth handling helped by a considerably progressively wide tracked body. Further, despite everything it gifts you the quick speed you need, going from 0-60 in simply 4.5 seconds. The main issue with it is the fuel utilization, the maintenance expenses of which will undoubtedly come up each three to five years. You will likewise need to search for models from 2002 onwards to maintain a strategic distance from issues faced by early models.

06. DE TOMASO PANTERA ($25,000)

The De Tomaso Pantera is an emotive vehicle, regardless of whether you think about its experience story or just its legacy as an Italian design vehicle controlled by an American muscle motor or even its intense looks that appear to mix various ages at the same time.

What is unquestionable is the brand and the unwavering fan following all around the world is made. Just 7,260 units were ever constructed. This means that they have obtained some value in rarity, particularly for those that have been very much furnished and well maintained which can cost six figures.

With extensive research, you would be able to detect a 70s model for as meager as $25,000. But, you should be careful about the revamping work put in it. The motor is incredible, however, and with regular servicing, you should find it in extraordinary condition.

07. FERRARI MONDIAL ($10,800)

The Ferrari Mondial isn’t a vehicle that wows you with the Ferrari picture at first look or even the first drive. The figures are likewise not so extraordinary notwithstanding for an 80s supercar. However, the Ferrari Mondial was planned as a family supercar with its 2+2 seats, room and handling features.

Completing 0-60 in every 8 seconds and having 214 bhp might not have motivated numerous. But, rather it had various firsts for Ferrari when it launched, including being the first Ferrari to utilize fuel injection and power steering. Even better, you can go for the Mondial T display that has more power, 300 bhp. It also shaves the 0-60 speed by 2 seconds. For as meager as $11k you can get a Mondial with just 31,000 miles on it.

08. ASTON MARTIN DB9 ($25,500)

The Aston Martin DB9 is a flawless and powerful vehicle. And, it was the vehicle that brought Aston Martin into the present century and the nearest thing to an absolutely new Aston Martin in numerous years.

Regardless of the achievement of the DB7, Aston Martin DB9 was the vehicle that was credited with keeping the brand in the business. Having had 13 years in production, it implies there are such huge numbers of choices to pick from. If you are searching for affordable deals, search for vehicles in the $30,000 to $40,000 sections. These will have not so much mileage but rather more specs which will assist you with the maintenance costs and resale value. Maintain a strategic distance from the $27,000 and underneath choices since they are troubles rather than deals. Also, stay away from DB9s utilized in vehicle hires because they are typically kept running down.

09. 2013 JAGUAR XK/XKR ($27,000)

The Jaguar XK and its XKR variation are a display of the ravishing and sublime structure. Relatively impeccable handling accompanies an ideal balance among comfort and traction. There are additionally the interior luxurious features from the rich carpeting and natural leather to the trim choices of metal or wood.

If you had to concentrate on one specific year, then the 2013 Jaguar XKR is the model to follow.  If you have a couple of additional dollars, search for the limited edition Jaguar XKR-S. The 2013 XKR offers more power and considerably progressively exquisite driving. On the other hand, the XKR-S has more extravagances and alternatives bested up by a Bowers and Wilkins sound system. This is a model that enables you to go on your touring trips without a drop in performance levels. You will get a little rear, however, alongside restricted baggage space.

10. NISSAN GT-R ($29,000)

In the GT-R, Nissan has built a legend. It is the only main vehicle on this rundown that can similarly match the Porsche 911 regarding cult fan following and reverence throughout the years. Notwithstanding, it goes one stage up in terms of eco-friendliness, driving comforts, steering precision, maintenance costs, and speed.

It might not have the interior comforts of numerous higher valued models, yet it’s spacious. It also has more than the standard equipment you have to make the most of your ride. With a couple of inconveniences at any point reported, a new Nissan GT-R is the best value for money you can get from a supercar and this component is carried down to the used cars. If you are a fan of saving money, go for the models before 2009. Trust me, it’s going to save you thousands of dollars.

11. JAGUAR F-TYPE ($32,000)

Incredible poise, balance, and charming looks are key points that the Jaguar F-Type coupe blends well. These features set it apart from the rest of its rivals. It commands a great presence without being intimidating and it overflows class that in a way misrepresents its power.

Regardless of whether you decide on the styling of the Coupe or you go for the sheer speed and power of the higher R trim, the exquisite experience is maintained. The interior is extravagant as well, with additional supports added to the seats and solid side bolsters which are useful when going up against corners. Rear visibility is somewhat constrained and the vehicle may feel heavy.  The operations can likewise show up somewhat mind-boggling. In any case, for $32,000 you get a high-performance car that stands its ground against rivals and separates you from the group.

12. PORSHE 911 ($30,000)

A certified Ferrari symbol and a long-running supercar trailblazer-  there is a great deal of admiration for the Porsche 911. You will have many more reasons to own one. Its performance, looks and continuous development guarantee you have a scope of unmistakable models to pick from throughout the years. Add to that the fact that its looks are dependably head turning and hardly can take a beating from any exotic car for quite a long time and you have the easiest path to claim a classic Ferrari.

If you love full throttle speed you can go for the turbocharged models from the 80s models. The pricing is incredible up to mid-2000s models. With $30,000, you should locate a lot and a well-maintained car with a normal of 35,000 miles done. The Carrera models are considerably less expensive, however, it is advisable not going for anything beneath $25,000. You’ll also need to look out for the expense of individual parts.

13. 2010 LOTUS EVORA ($30,000)

The Lotus Evora holds a one of a kind position as a truly spacious, elegant and comfortable Lotus car. It does not lose any of the qualities of the smaller Exige and Elise. Its nearby rivals are the 911 and the Cayman S which are both quicker, with the Cayman S additionally being a few thousand dollars less expensive. In any case, the other two do not have the romantic feel, the enchanting thrill and the better handling that comes naturally to a Lotus vehicle.

The Lotus Evora goes more distant than its kin as far as handling, magnificent steering and braking are concerned. You likewise don’t need to stress over fitting two huge men front. The back seats are somewhat of minute importance; it is still to a great extent a two-seater, yet you can continually bring kids along for the ride. It is fuel efficient, comfortable and stylish to utilize it as a regular vehicle.


Amid its dispatch in 2007, the Maserati GranTurismo appeared to be the vehicle that would rival the Porsche 911. It really dealt with this for some time before it was plagued with a few recalls. These generally had to do with gadgets, the transmission, and gearbox. In any case, with steady modifications, there is a bounty to respect about the Maserati GranTurismo.

It’s beyond exterior beauty is coordinated by the lavish interior. Despite the fact, that early model needed Bluetooth transmission, it is effortlessly the roomiest four-seater supercar. Two grown-ups can comfortably occupy the backseat and it is additionally extraordinary to roll over long distances. There are various models offered for only $35,000, with the normal mileage being 50,000 miles. You will need to keep an eye out for the tires, however, since they may require substitution every 12,000 miles or so.

15. 2008 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZO6 ($27,000)

The Chevrolet Corvette Zo6 has long made itself a name as the best value for money with regards to supercars. It has dependably been given the most amazing motor in the Corvette range. And, it has constantly coordinated against peers, particularly exotic models like the Porsche 911. The 2017 rendition keeps up the tradition. Yet, it runs above and beyond with more speed, horsepower and (significantly) more extravagance and better handling. The look and feel both suits its status. Moreover, it arrives in a wide range, but you should pull out $60,000 even for a utilized one.

In any case, if you are searching for the sheer excite of a thundering 5.7-liter V8 motor and a machine to put your minds with, at that point for just $27,000 you can get the 2008 Corvette Zo6.


The Aston Martin Vantage is a vehicle with an alluring presence. Planned by the incredible Henrik Fisker to rival trendsetting supercars like the Porsche Carrera, this Aston Martin has gained its very own identity. It is both powerful and exquisite without giving up the excite of neck-breaking speed.

Even better, you can drive around town or with it to work. This is because that while there is no supercar that can be really be portrayed as cheap to own, the Aston Martin is one of only a handful not many that permits reasonableness with regards to ownership with moderate maintenance and few glitch issues that accompany some exotic cars. While you can discover an Aston Martin Vantage for as low as $30,000, working with more current models from 2008 upwards at an expense of $35,000 – $45,000 will offer you better value for your money.

17. 2012 FISKER KARMA ECOSPORT ($37,000)

Regardless of whether you are pulled in by the stunning looks or a need to contribute to the preservation of nature, there is a reasonable case for purchasing a Fisker Karma. Given that there is just a single model year that was ever constructed, you can likewise buy it as a collectible thing.

In declaring its production, planner Henrik Fisker made the claim that they were building American’s response to the Mercedes-Benz and BMW which he felt the likes of Cadillac had neglected to give. The main issue was the mechanics particularly the danger of bursting into flames and build quality. Notwithstanding, if you at any point needed to drive what feels like a concept car straight from a motor show. Appreciate a portion of alternate things Fisker did well, you can have this vehicle for somewhat under $40,000.

18. 2015 ALFA ROMEO 4C ($40,000)

If you need a modern way to experience, try Lotus Elise; then the Alpha Romeo 4C is the nearest you can get to that experience. Putting a comparable emphasis on managing the weight proportion and having the little space as the Lotus, the Alfa Romeo 4C still conveys a similar driving rush when it meets the ideal surface.

It has earned a reputation for being Alfa Romeo’s first driver’s vehicle in quite a while and for the right reason. Every little thing about it is geared towards the cooperation between the driver and the vehicle and the controls and handlings are exceedingly responsive. Notwithstanding, be set up to deal with a wild and unfiltered riding experience altogether. You won’t appreciate this vehicle on your everyday drives, except on a track it comes alive.

19. DODGE VIPER ($35,000)

Striking and stunning are the signs of all the Dodge Viper models. An amazing V10 motor is in the engine while its muscle car heritage shows in its handling. Its wild nature and little self-importance towards extravagance have built an unbelievable reputation.

For just shy of $50,000 you have a few choices through three generations. From the classics of the 1990s to a couple of contemporary 2000s models, you have your pick if you are hoping to possess a supercar. An expression of alert, however, Dodge Vipers barely have the various security features of most supercar models. So, you can go for the second generation which has anti-lock brakes and the third generation that comes with great comfort.

20. FERRARI 456 GT ($40,000)

The Ferrari 456 GT is a gentleman’s vehicle thanks to its lovely plan that isn’t sensational as most of its rivals. It likewise has outstanding handling experiences in a supercar you will ever get. There is a reason it was the most costly Ferrari without essentially being the flagship model. Being a 2+2 seated implies there is sufficient room and the extravagance imitated its other role of rivaling the best range Aston Martins and Bentleys.

The 456 was intended to fill in as an ordinary vehicle not only in terms of eco-friendliness but rather in the unwavering quality of the V12 motor, electrical units, and mechanics. This implies with this vehicle you shouldn’t fear damage with regular use. The cost is right now on the rise which is a motivator to act rapidly. Yet, you ought to have the capacity to get a decent deal at $40,000.


Supercars are mostly about the euphoria and aura. Their unattainable persona makes them poster worthy. Their powerful engine, stunning design, unbridled quality components dependably put them at the highest point of the performance charts. What’s more, truly, we as a whole realize they can without much of a stretch cost a few thousand to get. The above list of 20 cheapest 10-second car doesn’t pinch your pocket much. If speed thrill you and you have a penchant for racing wheels, grab one of this supercar clocking 0-70 in less than 10 seconds at just $50,000 or less.

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