What are the Cheapest and the Best Order Fulfillment Services in USA?

If you have an e-commerce store and want to take international orders, you would need to have connected logistics for your company. Well, you may try but it would be nearly impossible to match the logistics of big companies such as Amazon. Moreover, people are accustomed to their fast delivery and low shipping charges, which they would also expect from you and you will not be able to meet them. It takes little millions of dollars to have your own logistics; this is where fulfillment services come in. They will make your e-commerce business look like an enterprise even if it’s a startup. With fulfillment services, you can focus more on the business and leave the rest to them.

Top 20 Cheapest and Best Order Fulfillment Services in the USA

Narrowing down on the cheapest fulfillment services is nearly an impossible task as all provide give a customized plan and the fees incurred will largely depend on your order volumes.

Here are the top 20 cheapest and best order fulfillment services in the USA

  1. Ships-a-lot ($35 per month flat rate)
  2. Fulfillment by Sears (Pay as you go model with $0.45 to $0.60 per cu.ft.)
  3. Fulfillment.com ($10 per month for basic features)
  4. Xpert Fulfillment ($1.25 per order)
  5. VelocityShip ($1.50 per order)
  6. Fulfillrite ($2.45 per order)
  7. Fulfillify ($2.49 per order)
  8. Whiplash ($2.50 per package)
  9. Printful (2.95 per order)
  10. Fulfillment by Amazon (~$3.59 per unit)
  11. RedStag ($3.75 to $15 per pallet per month)
  12. FulfillmentCompanies ($8 to $15 per pallet per month)
  13. FedEx Fulfillment ($10 per pallet per month)
  14. ShipWire ($30 per pallet per month for 5 different types of products)
  15. ShipBob ($40 per pallet per month)
  16. IDS Fulfillment (By quote only)
  17. Rakuten Super Logistics (By quote only)
  18. eFulfillmentService (By quote only)
  19. Floship (By quote only)
  20. Symphony Commerce (By quote only)

01. Ships-a-lot

  • The company guarantees fast shipping with a 24-hour turnaround or they will pay you $20 for delayed shipment. For its storage services, the company offers a flat rate of $35 per month irrespective of the stock quantity. This gives customers unlimited storage space for their items. Moreover, product shipments are not charged which makes Ships-a-lot cost-effective for sellers who have high-volume transactions.
  • The company provides one of the easiest onboarding and operation. You only have to place orders and the company does the rest including handling, logistics, storage, packing, and delivery.
  • The company also boasts one of the best technology platforms with a 99.98% accuracy rate. All transactions are barcoded, with its staff engaged with scanners for the organization and reducing delays. The company employs daily inventory check to guarantee the accuracy of clients’ orders.
  • You also get access to 24/7 customer support who can be accessed via phone, email, and slack; with a personal talk with an expert in an hour.
  • One of its lucrative services is tailored fulfillment to meet varying client and consumer needs.

02. Fulfilled By Sears

  • Sears is one of the largest online mass merchants in the U.S. The company has an advanced network of warehouses, distribution centers, and online fulfillment processes.
  • With Sears, you can take international orders as the company has been shipping merchandise goods in high-volume globally for decades. Moreover, if you are a Sears.com seller, you will get discounted shipping rates.
  • The company has a simple pay-as-you-go model which charges only for stored items and shipping. There is no lock-in period, long-term contract, or minimum orders.
  • With FBS you have the full control of inventory and product pricing. Moreover, you can integrate your existing inventory management system with the FBS platform.
  • During high-volume orders such as in holiday season, you can scale up for the season and revert back to your normal operation with minimal cost.

03. Fulfillment.com

  • The service gives sellers full control over the logistics process. From a single system dashboard, sellers can track inventory, manage inventories, verify addresses, handle orders, shipping and choose carriers.
  • The system enables auto order grouping which enables sellers to save on packing and shipping costs. The system determines the carriers that offer the lowest possible costs. The service also accepts crowdfunded projects, kitting, assembly, labeling, shrink wrapping, etc.
  • All warehouses use cutting-edge technology to keep items safe in a climate-controlled room. This enables businesses to ship food items.
  • Most importantly you get multi-channel customer support via phone, email, chat and social media.

04. Xpert Fulfillment

  • The company offers services at a cost-effective price and has transparent terms; and also offers fixed costs and flat-rate shipping. There’s not a hidden cost, setup fees, minimum orders, processing fees or receiving fees.
  • The company employs cloud-based order fulfillment and inventory management system. Business owners can remotely manage, control, and track orders and inventory.
  • The service offers special rates depending on order volume and structure. There are flat-rate shipping options with discounts on the ground, 2-day, and next-day deliveries.
  • Get real-time inventory counts and auto notifications on shipment. They also facilitate auto email tracking feature.

05. VelocityShip

  • Ditch the third-party software and avail VelocityShip’s own advanced software to streamline and manage all fulfillment processes. The software integrates with other multichannel selling platforms and eCommerce sites; moreover, it can be customized with its API.
  • Its service enables branded packing slips with your name and logo. The company will also send your customers tracking information with your name, logo, and return email address. The platform enables businesses with multiple brands to customize each email shipment notification according to the specific brand. It also handles special crowdfunding fulfillment, subscription items, product labeling, etc.
  • The company provides each of its customers a shipping and logistics expert right from the start. They can be reached 24/7 via call, text, or message.
  • Make sure your inventory is organized to avoid delays. Only charge for daily storage, so you pay only for the days your items are in their warehouses. The platform comes pre-configured with the packaging types to suit any product, including options such as satchels or cartons.

06. Fulfillrite

  • Fulfillrite offers pricing per-case or per-pallet basis. This facilitates businesses to adjust monthly warehouse costs depending on your sales. Moreover, there’s no hidden fees or long-term contract.
  • Sellers can customize their own labels, ASNs, and POs based on the specs. The provider enables the business to label items with their company name, logo and customizes packing slip. Businesses also have options to insert marketing slips or brochures in the package.
  • Its partnership with major carriers such as UPS, USPS etc, enables the company to provide custom and discount rates to sellers.
  • The company uses cloud-based system enabling businesses to check inventory and track orders and returns in real-time. The cloud-based system allows the business owner to track remotely from any device.

07. Fulfillify

  • Fulfilling provides comprehensive order fulfillment and logistical services along with kitting and custom order assemblies. The company also has a fully managed returns management program.
  • You get access to U.S. nationwide coverage with reach to over 98% of the U.S. mainland consumers with a same-day pick, pack, and ship service. You also get 2 day UPS ground service to automatically fulfill orders from the nearest warehouse.
  • The platform automates and handles orders, inventory, returns, and shipping processes efficiently. It provides ordering data and tracking reports in real time to its customers. Businesses get detailed information on their inventories, sorted by-products and locations, and other parameters. The software sends auto alerts for low inventory, orders, and stock replenishment.
  • The fulfilling platform is designed to be responsive to cater to smartphone and tablet users so that business owners can control their fulfillment on the go.
  • The company provides one of the best services in the industry. It utilizes a quality system based on 5S principles and Six Sigma standards, thereby giving 98% inventory accuracy and 99.99% order accuracy.

08. Whiplash

  • Whiplash integrates with major shipping carts and e-commerce platforms, which enables businesses to take and process orders straight through the store where Whiplash automatically receives the order. After the products are shipped, it will update your store with tracking information as well as updates your inventory.
  • The company enables you to scale up or down depending on the volume of your orders by providing multiple shipping options. The service will also bundle shipping volumes to qualify for lower rates.
  • Though Whiplash does most of the work, it still gives you’re a comprehensive view of the essentials such as products, items, orders, inventory etc along with real-time monitoring, dashboards, and reports.
  • You will have access to an API key that lets you configure to order, items, ship notices etc and make last-minute changes to the ordering process.
  • Nearly all process involved from orders to payment and shipping is automated so that you can focus more on your business.

09. Printful

  • Printful is an online printing, fulfillment, and shipping platform. It provides drop shipping and orders fulfillment from its fulfillment centers in the US and Europe. The company lets your print designs for yourself as well as sell designs in an online marketplace. All your products will be shipped on demand with your brand and label.
  • Its warehousing and fulfillment services enable you to keep entire stock in Printful warehouse, where the company fulfills your customer’s orders from packing to shipping an everything in between.
  • The company prints everything on demand and has no minimum order policy, this way you don’t even have to keep an inventory.
  • Sellers also get custom branding options for all products along with custom labels, marketing inserts, and other branding options.
  • You can open your account for free and pay only for the products you order. Moreover, all orders you get on your e-commerce store is sent automatically to Printful for fulfillment.
  • The company has a partnership with global carriers, thereby giving sellers with affordable and reliable shipping options.

10. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

  • FBA or Amazon Fulfillment is one of the best fulfillment services but certainly not the cheapest. However, it may appeal to the sellers who typically deal small and lightweight items as fees are charged based on the item weight and size. It is also a better option for those who sell through multi-channel and who are selling items online on Amazon.
  • With Amazon, you can take the benefit of their logistic capabilities and their network of warehouses. They will store your items in one of their 150+ warehouses worldwide along with taking care of your item processing, shipment, payments, and refunds. Plus, you will get their 24/7 customer service.
  • Amazon FBA can take care of small to large orders and give you advantages such as fast processing, fast delivery, climate-controlled warehouse, returns, refunds etc. Plus, it works with multiple shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. You can integrate other third-party apps to increase productivity. If you get medium to high-volume orders, FBA will give the reliable service your business needs.

11. Red Stag Fulfillment

  • Get a whole suite of value-added features without the setup fees and with a 30-day trial without any contract. This will enable you to check their services and offers without any risk so that you can make an informed decision.
  • The company guarantees to reach 99% of American consumers within 72 hours Without error. They will also pay you the cost of the damaged or missing order, plus a $50. Many sellers like Red Stag Fulfillment for their transparent service which incurs no hidden fees, account management fees, or SKU management fees.
  • On top of that, they support eCommerce integrations both directly as well as API. All your orders on the store get automatically forwarded to Red Stag. It integrates with other ERP and eCommerce apps to create an automated system for your online business.
  • Red Stag utilizes cost-effective ground shipping to deliver items to customers within 2 or 3 days. They have partnerships with multiple carriers that offer multiple service levels and shipping rates for all orders.
  • The company takes advantage of a network of strategically placed warehouses to speed up shipping and reduce cost. Their logistics experts will optimize your inventory for cost savings and fast delivery.

12. FulfillmentCompanies

  • This is a free service where you get connected only to vetted logistics providers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. They have been pre-screened, thereby giving you only the best an option to choose the best that meets your business needs.
  • The company provides a calculator tool that lets you compare the cost of rent, labor, insurance, management fee, shipping, orders etc. Moreover, you get access to an intensive collection of resources, industry surveys, and guides.
  • Get your free quote just by giving a phone call or email. Within an hour of your request, you will get a shortlist of options.
  • It has its own vendor portal where fulfillment and 3PL companies can join FulfillmentCompanies.net online.

13. FedEx Fulfillment

  • With FedEx Fulfillment, you get multi-platform integration which will enable you to easily integrate all marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. This gives sellers more control over their orders and makes way for fast and accurate order fulfillment.
  • With their global customer base, sellers can take orders from more than 200 countries and territories.
  • You also get customized service to fulfill specific customer requests and needs. You can even have your own branding, custom packaging, promotions and other value-added services embedded within the warehouse.
  • FedEx is one of the leaders in reverse logistics and process returns accurately. They will also find out the best way for the returned product’s maximum value. All your orders and inventory can easily be tracked under on platform.

14. ShipWire

  • ShipWire automates its shipping process to reduces costs by using order routing technology. This gives its sellers more optimized shipping fares, delivery times etc.
  • Sellers also get detailed shipping quotes and can track their order information and other essential order data reporting in real-time from the dashboards.
  • You can choose your own storage location and calculate your own shipping cost to increase your business margins. Moreover, you will have insurance options as well as brand your shipments.
  • ShipWire offers RESTful APIs which enables e-commerce businesses to customize workflows for orders, returns, inventory, rates, location, and vendors.
  • Take order from both international and domestic customers. Take advantage of over 154 locations in 45 countries with support for custom and on-demand fulfillment services.
  • Its omnichannel connection lets you create multiple sales channel to the Shipwire platform and manage all shipments from a central platform.

15. ShipBob

  • ShipBob has no pick and pack fees; you are charged when they receive your inventory, store it, and when they send it out
  • The company charges a flat rate of $35 per delivery instead of charging per pallet or other units. This enables sellers to consolidate deliveries and lower fulfillment expenses.
  • ShipBob is Ideal for shipping bulk orders such as product launches, where the company can package, and ship items in a single batch without any onboarding fees.
  • Sellers also get access to advanced analytics and reporting, thereby enabling businesses to make informed decisions from in-depth reports on orders, shipping, and sales.
  • Use one platform to check the status of orders, make updates, add products, check inventory, merge products, create return shipping labels and more.

16. IDS Fulfillment

  • IDS has been in the industry for the over 50 years and has been competitive and innovative, to meet logistical needs of modern businesses.
  • Its integrated solution provides a combination of services and consolidated processes in order fulfillment, for the simplest and the most complex orders.
  • With IDS, you get access to their flexible services, where you can allow them to handle all or just part of your order fulfillment based on your need. The company is well known to handle high SKU counts, orders, high demands to handle peak and high-volume operations.
  • Get complete turnkey services if your business has a complex or heavy kitting need. IDS will fulfill product packaging and point-of-purchase displays as part of its services.
  • IDS is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and handles multilevel marketing and direct selling fulfillment. This enables direct sellers to manage complex orders, consolidate parcel discount, customizing gift messages, packing slips, packaging, and presentation.

17. Rakuten Super Logistics

  • Rakuten Super Logistics is powered by its cloud-based Webgistix SmartSuite fulfillment tools. It includes advanced analytics, shipping cost optimization, order management, inventory tracking, customer-focused support and many more.
  • The company boasts 100% accuracy on all orders which go through 3 separate quality checks, with the assurance of free service for errors.
  • Rakuten facilitates one business day order fulfillment with 2 day delivery to most of the US consumers.
  • With Rakuten, you also get custom support with a ticket response within 3 hours of your query.

18. eFulfillmentService

  • The service has a partnership with some of the best carriers. It gives sellers numerous options to choose their preferred method of delivery including the cost of the shipping services. Sellers can choose services based on the package weight, ground delivery service, overnight deliveries. Sellers also avail a 70% freight discount for inbound shipping.
  • The platform supports international order fulfillment and shipping service. It enables sellers who want to reach or cater to global customers. The service will also assist to meet the regulations of destination countries and charge customs duty to the consumer on delivery.
  • The company keeps sellers posted with email confirmation along with the tracking code. Sellers use this tracking code to monitor real-time shipment through the website.
  • eFulfillmentService effectively handles backorders and also guarantees a $100 insurance coverage on damage or loss for all ground, expedite and overnight shipments.
  • You can avail additional services such as returns processing, kitting, assembly, collating of products etc.

19. Floship

  • Floship caters to crowdfunding campaigns that require fulfilling thousands of orders by delivering to backers.
  • Moreover, Floship provides global e-commerce fulfillment with proximity to your manufacturing partners in Asia.
  • Avail discount shipping with major carriers and more shipping options as Floship boasts a partnership with more couriers than any of its competitors. Moreover, with the subscription model business can customize their fulfillment services based on their requirements. The company can create a custom fulfillment plan based on your business model and your consumers.
  • Along with the standard fulfillment services, the company also offer various value-added services such as kitting, assembly, marketing inserts, goods processing etc.

20. Symphony Commerce

  • Symphony Commerce is a ready-to-go platform with one system where you can connect and open multiple sales channels as well as integrate various products and vendors. The services also employ smart order routing and multi-warehouse network to provide cost-effective, 2-day delivery.
  • The service offers end-to-end fulfillment capabilities including order routing, inventory management, delivery, returns, branding, etc. Moreover, businesses can create responsive storefronts and integrate with other platforms and apps.
  • The brings e-commerce platform, ordering, inventory management, branding, and fulfillment under one roof.


The above-mentioned pricing is the basic pricing considering you have a low volume order. If you have larger order volumes the prices will drop significantly. Moreover, the company also charge storage pricing per unit, pricing per order, processing fee, and monthly charges. This makes narrowing down the cheapest fulfillment services a tough job as most of it will depend on the type and quantity of your orders. That said, considering all pricing, we believe Ships-a-lot and Sears offer the best service at the cheapest price possible.

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