What Is the Cheapest Way to Get a New Car? (Top 9 Ways)

When you at long last settle on that important choice to purchase a new car, there are numerous choices you need to consider. Clearly, you need to think about what type of car you need and what costs fit into your financial plan. Financing a car is a huge duty to go up against. Between the up insurance, down payment, your monthly installments, and routine maintenance, a great deal of cash goes into owning a car. A great many people attempt to set aside some cash wherever they can and choosing what lender to utilize is a colossal piece of that. Many people either opt for the bank loan, lend money from someone or use the dealership financing choices.

Factors That Control Pricing of a New Car

The pricing of a car is heavily dependant on the following factors such as:

01. Bank Interest Rate:

Banks are commonly the least expensive moneylenders. Numerous banks, and particularly credit unions offer financing costs on their loans that are under 10%. Bank Rate distributes three months trends in average car interest rates. This will enable you to decide whether the rate you’re being charged is reasonable.

02. Dealer Interest Rate:

By and large, dealership loan costs run higher than a bank’s financing costs since they are the middleman. They markup whatever interest fee the banks offer them. Plus, the average markup forms around 2.5%. The sum that a merchant can markup the interest cost is controlled by the state. But, dealerships do run extraordinary deals every now and then. Numerous merchants have specials where they offer 0% for a certain amount of time. No interest implies a less expensive car payment for the predefined measure of time. You can’t beat that! Banks and different moneylenders won’t have the capacity to offer you that modest of a loan fee since they wouldn’t have the capacity to profit that way. Merchants are as of now making a benefit from selling you the car, so the 0% interest rate is their motivator to carry you into the showroom.

Which one to opt for- banks or dealership interest rate:

Dealer interest costs can likewise be debatable. While loan fees at both the dealership and the bank are dependent using a credit card scores. The dealership has some breathing space in the rate they charge you due to the markup. If they give you a loan cost you don’t care for, you might have the capacity to deal out of it. The bank loan costs are set and there is no real way to talk them down from it.

The dealership is a one-stop shop. Thus, making it simple for you to get your loan and your car at the same time. Most banks and credit associations will enable you to apply for a loan online in minutes.

Cheapest Way to Own a New Car

Not at all like a home that appreciates, cars depreciate. Therefore, you should always anticipate a car’s substitution. Anticipate your vehicle needs by making car installments to yourself. Treat it as a customary month to month cost that will never leave—like utilities or food cost. Along these lines as opposed to paying interest to finance cars, you will dependably be acquiring the interest.

Some of the best known cheapest methods of owning a car are:

01. Acquiring from loved ones:

If you have somebody that can loan you the cash, then go for it. This will be the least expensive choice. However, a lot of companionships have been crushed and family cracks made over cash. So, be aware of the sourness it brings by borrowing from friends and family.

02. Go for Used Car:

Buying another car is definitely not money saving. So ask yourself: does the car truly should be fresh out off the production line? On an average, a new car loses half of its value in the initial three years, and some lose their value considerably quicker. That is a gigantic whack to lose on such a costly buy. Indeed, even a car that is a couple of years old or an ex-demo car is ordinarily much better an incentive than a brand new one.

As anyone might expect at that point, the sum your car drops in value after some time is commonly the single greatest expense, and subsequently a key thought. A few models shed money quicker than others. This means you’ll get significantly less when you come to move it on. So look at it before chasing for another model. Purchasing a utilized vehicle is considered valuable than going on for a new one.

03. Buy a New Car at the Best Time:

Once you’ve chosen what car to pick, presently you have to think about how to get the best deal. One approach to slice costs is to purchase at the perfect time. Dealers have to meet their target, with bonuses up for snatches. Commonly, these depend on quarterly sales, making the end of March, June, September, and December a decent time to purchase. They have to sell cars, so will be all the more ready to offer and negotiate alluring financial packages. For instance, June 2015 ended up being an incredible time to purchase a vehicle with huge offers available such as Audi offering a deposit contribution of £5,000 on few of its A4 models.

For a quiet time, avoid purchasing on weekends or the start of a month just after payday. A dealership packed with wannabe purchasers is certainly not a decent place to deal hard. So, it might likewise be worth maintaining a strategic distance from new numberplate seasons as well.

Consider the style of vehicle, as well. Summer’s when drivers long for purchasing convertibles, making winter a decent time to get the deal on one.

04. Prepare a Checklist for a Car:

Before you begin searching for the ‘one’, consider what you truly NEED from the new car. There’s no point purchasing a two-seater convertible in case you’re going to begin a family, so work out what is practical. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my basic necessities?
  • Do I require the vehicle to do anything explicitly? Fuel consumption or enough space for all the family?
  • Is it for short city drives or longer motorway ventures? Should it have the capacity to cruise at motorway speeds without stressing?
  • What’s better, petrol or diesel? The fuel you need to utilize can have a major effect on the model you may pick.
  • Do I require a huge boot? Think about whether you require space for things, for example, sports hardware or a pushchair. Or, if you have to fit-friendly Fido or your interfering relative?
  • Would I like to consider an eco-friendly car? Assuming this is the case, a crossover or electric vehicle could be a choice. The cost more to begin with yet some accompany Government stipends, eg, the BMW i3 has a £4,500 concede.

Draw up a rundown of fundamental prerequisites and go from that point.

05. Purchase a Used Model and Reduce the Price by 30%:

Are there vehicles that are going to be superseded by a more up to date model? These ‘run-out’ models are frequently found with limits of up to 30% on the first cost as dealers clear a path for gleaming new car on the forecourt. Moreover, check the resale cost as these vehicles will drop in value when their replacements arrive.

These ‘run-out’ models can be purchased from main dealers. You may likewise, discover them listed with dealers on the web or at car supermarkets. To discover when to search for these ‘run-out’ models, watch out for magazines and websites for reviews of the most recent models. You would then be able to pay special attention to bargains on the models they supersede.

06. Get a Pre-reg & Save Up to 70% on the List Price:

Cars classed as ‘pre-reg’ accompany thick limits off the rundown cost because they’ve just had one owner. The manner in which it works is that the dealer ‘purchases’ the vehicle, and registers it to the dealership. This is frequently done to meet sales targets for the month or quarter. Dealers do this as they can regularly make more from bonuses for hitting targets than they can from selling you a vehicle.

Yet, what it implies for you is that you can purchase a new car for a hefty rebate. Because its records will demonstrate it’s now had, one owner. It’s everything the advantages of a new car at an almost new cost.

A pre-reg vehicle shouldn’t be over a half-year-old, and you ought to get at any rate 20% off the ticket cost. Yet, you may get as much as 70%, if it’s an unpopular model and the dealer is desperate to move it.

If there’s one you’re keen on, wrangle hard. Keep in mind these cars have just filled their purpose for the dealer by boosting sales target. It’s additionally worth getting some information about test-driving cars or showroom models – the savings can be monstrous.

07. Prepare a ‘how Much It Will Cost Me’ Checklist:

If you’ve chosen to purchase a shiny new car, arm yourself with however much data as could reasonably be expected. And, don’t be raced into a choice. You can look at each model on the web. There are two sorts of costs you have on the spending plan for ongoing and upfront. Check you’ve contemplated the majority of the accompanying and planned for them:

    • Any upfront cost:

      When you’ve chosen to purchase a vehicle, you will obviously need to pay for it. If you can go for the entire upfront cost or just take a finance deal. Whatever route you pick, expect to pay some money as a down payment before you drive off.

    • Fuel:
      To work out the rough expense of running a new car, look online for fuel utilization search tool. It will give you a rough estimation of the fuel costs.
    • Fund repayments:

      If you’ve taken a personal loan or dealer finance, you’ll have to factor in reimbursements.

    • Car insurance:

      The expense of insurance depends on the number of risk insurers see you be. For example, if you are an adolescent who’s simply passed their test, you will pay more for your cover. Additionally, taking breakdown cover will knock up the expense. New vehicles regularly accompany a year of breakdown cover.

    • Another spending:

      New tires, fixes, and valet cleans can add extra costs to your calculation. So, ensure there’s some breathing room in your financial plan. Permit a few additional for extra spending every year – to be safe.

    • Tax:

      You can look at how much road tax you’ll have to pay. You can likewise look for autos in a specific tax band. These range from A-M relying upon the vehicle’s CO2 discharges, with the expense of tax running from $0 to over $1,000 in year one. Standard rates at that point apply, at up to $500/year.

    • Servicing cost:

      You’ll have to get your vehicle servicing routinely, Mostly, it is done once per year, however, it varies by model. Servicing guarantees it’s protected to drive and keeps the manufacturer’s warranty valid. A normal service commonly begins around $120.

    • MOTs:

      When the vehicle’s three years of age, you’ll need to pay for a MOTs consistently, which costs $54.85 (for the test). Utilize the MOTs control for money saving tips, including getting the test at neighborhood council centers, which could spare you $100.

    • Tolls and parking permits:

      Except if you have free stopping where you live or a garage, you will presumably need to pay for a resident’s allowance. Consider any expenses to park at work if you drive there as well, and toll charges you may look en route.

08. Always Negotiate:

Bargaining isn’t saved only for backstreet bazaars, it’s a merchant’s exemplary expertise. And, it’s anticipated from you, as well – so deal hard, and play Arthur Daley unexpectedly. The main principle is that you ought to NEVER pay the rundown cost of the car. You’d be a trick to hand over the full cost (except if purchasing on the web, where your deal openings are restricted!). Arm yourself with the least expensive web costs and influence dealer to go after your customers.

Negotiating can be overwhelming, notwithstanding for solidified money savers. Yet, there’s not something to be frightened of. Here is a portion of best strategies:  

  • Beginner’s deal:

    Motivate them to throw something in for nothing. Dealers frequently state they’re not permitted to give limits but rather in case you’re new to negotiation, a simple begin point is requesting that they toss something in to finish everything. Regardless of whether it’s free sat-nav or floor mats, in the event that you require an extra, make an effort not to pay additional for it.

  • Search for as of now discounted cars:

    If the cost is as of now deceased, there’s regularly greater flexibility. The limits have just been flexed and the psychological misfortune for the sales representative is marked down as they’ve effectively given up on getting the maximum.

  • Leave:

    Get them to call back to you. Psychologically, if they need to chase you, rather than you being too sharp, is bound to lead to a better deal.

  • Try not to fill the silence:

    As bargaining comes to some conclusion, a classic sales technique is to remain quiet. They need you to acknowledge the value just to fill the awkward silence. Make them fill it with a less expensive offer.

  • Play them off against one another:

    To truly up to the bargaining game, don’t target dealers in isolation. Endeavor to play off a number against one another. This has two points of interest: it gives you a strong establishment and it nudges their focused impulses to support you, as they need to demonstrate they’re superior to the resistance.

  • Be agreeable, however firm:

    You’re bound to get an outcome if the staff member sympathizes with you. In case you’re well mannered, charming and treat the entire procedure with cleverness, you’ll get further.

  • Keep the humor quotient up:

    Keep in mind, do it with humor. Do it with style and there’s no cost or proposal excessively outrageous. You can negotiate for all intents and purposes anyplace to anything.

09. Buy Car at Membership Warehouse Stores:

Do you know, you can purchase a new car with a no hassle cost through Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s Wholesale Club. They’ve just arranged costs ahead of time. Thus, this is especially helpful if you dislike negotiation. You can discover your car on the web and make an appointment with a nearby dealer, where you can purchase your new vehicle at the prearranged cost.


If you believe in money saving, then purchasing a brand new car off the processing plant line is no real way to put money back in your pocket. The minute you drive a sparkling new model you’ll lose cash, normally in the $1,000s. In any case, despite everything, if you’re determined to get one, follow our above best tips and vital checklists for purchasing – and doing it as efficiently as would be prudent.

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